Ottawa and Toronto Map


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The Ottawa & Toronto Map contained within the 3rd Edition (1957) of the Atlas of Canada is a map that shows a map with four condensed maps of the cities Toronto and Ottawa. The first two maps show the extent and classification of land use circa 1955 for both Toronto and Ottawa. For Toronto, stages of urban growth are shown for periods ranging from 1793 to 1955 and for Ottawa, the periods range from 1826 to 1955. The urban growth maps represent the expansion of areas occupied by structures, yet the small open areas classified as parks and playgrounds on the land-use maps are also included. These two remaining maps show the extent and classification of land use for both of these cities. The classifications for land-use maps were separated into Industrial buildings; Industrial yards; Commercial buildings; Commercial yards; Railways and their installations; Institutional buildings; Residential buildings; Cemeteries; Dominantly farm land; Vacant land. In areas classified as dominantly farm land, vacant land includes forested areas, swamps, bogs and all large areas not put to specific agricultural use.


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