Passchendaele Barrage Map

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  • 380 gsm Artist Matte Canvas using a cotton & polyester blend.
  • Matte surface perfect for fine art.
  • Gallery wrapped over a wooden frame museum quality.
  • Premium wall hangers ready to hang.
  • Size: 16″ H x 20″ W.


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The Passchendaele Barrage Map is a copy of the original map, and shows the artillery barrage timetable for the creeping barrage used to cover the advancing infantry. The Basemap is a trench map showing known trench lines.

In the Fall of 1917 the Canadian Corps was ordered to the Ypres Salient to take up position outside of Passchendaele against the protest of the Canadian General Currie. Passchendaele had ground up the British and ANZAC units before the Canadians arrived, and now was a morass of mud.

The first two Canadian assaults on Passchendaele were on the 26th and 30th of October and managed only a few hundred meters before losing momentum. Finally, the third assault on the 06th of November succeeded in seizing the town of Passchendaele. The Canadians had again achieved the impossible, but not before sustaining almost 16,000 casualties.

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