Combat Logistics Patrol

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  • Photo of 4 Soldiers on Patrol.
  • 12″ x 20″

17 Aug 2011 Kandahar Afghanistan Members of the Mission Transition Task Force – Logistic Support Group (LSG) and Task Force Engineers load, move and drop off sea can accommodations to the Afghan National Army (ANA) at CAMP HERO outside the exterior of Kandahar Airfield on 17 Aug 2011. Camp HERO is an ANA Camp where the American Military mentors the ANA. The Logistic Support Group (LSG) is an organization of approximately 130 militaries and 60 civilian personnel that provide real life support to the units of the Mission Transition Task Force. LSG is comprised of 4 platoons: Transportation, Supply, Maintenance and Camp Services and a civilian component which provides welfare services to all deployed Canadian Forces personnel. The Engineer Regiment is responsible for transferring Canadian infrastructure and sites on KAF to NATO allies. Canada is striving to return all sites in as good or better condition than prior to CF arrival. The Engineer Regiment will conduct environmental remediation when necessary, support any ammunition disposal, close out fire services, and deconstruct infrastructure. Additionally, they will support the Mission Closure Unit with creating and dunnaging responsibilities, and continue the construction of the Afghan National Army seacan accommodations. The Mission Transition Task Force is comprised of approximately 1,200 personnel of all ranks that will be responsible to conduct mission closure of Operation ATHENA in order to enable the Canadian Forces to transition to subsequent operations as directed by the Government of Canada.

Photo: MCpl Dan Shouinard, Imagery Technician, Mission Transition Task Force © 2011 DND-MND Canada

© All rights reserved. Combat Camera reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF 2017.

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